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Supply Chain Management Study Abroad:

Scott (and classmates) had class time in the mornings and company visits in the afternoons. They developed metrics and scorecards to be utilized during the visits scoring business practices related to the companies' position in the supply chain of their particular industry.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam | 8 days | Population: 15 million


Companies visited include:

  • BeCamex (Dutch Industrial Park) Developers

  • VSIP (Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park) Developers

  • Nike and their contracted Taiwanese footwear manufacturer

  • Toshiba (motor manufacturing)

  • Coca Cola bottling plant

  • Mercedes Benz production plant

Shanghai, China | 8 days | Population: 25 million


Companies visited include:

  • 3D Printing research development

  • Penske (3PL company)

  • APCO Worldwide (Global Regulatory Corporation Firm)

  • General Motors production plant

  • LG Electronics Company (R&D focus)

Social Entrepreneurship Field Study Abroad:

Hyderabad, India | 16 days | Population: 16 million

Scott (and classmates) read the Business Solution to Poverty followed by discussion in an effort to get into the mindset of breaking the cycle of poverty through business practices.

They traveled to East India (4 days) visiting the Byrajju Foundation (drinkable water solutions) and the GVIT University in the city of Bhimavaram. They partnered with local students for field study regarding drinkable water solutions, and presented their findings with recommendations moving forward then returned to Hyderabad.

They traveled south of Hyderabad to IMT University (3 days) to again partner with local students for field study work to develop how to best break the cycle of poverty in the local communities. They presented their findings with recommendations and returned to central Hyderabad.

The remaining time was spent visiting central Hyderabad Technical School, YSN Home of Youth Boys, SAFA YLP Home for Youth Girls and a shelter for abused women in a large slum. Perspective from the trip is hard to put into words and it is clear that business practices are part of the solution to ending poverty.

Business Strategy & Development Study Abroad:

Scott (and classmates) had class time in the mornings and company visits in the afternoons. They were put in teams and assigned an industry to evaluate throughout all of the business visits. The end goal was to analyze where the industry currently is in infrastructure and life cycle to develop strategies and recommendations moving forward.

Santiago, Chile | 8 days | Population: 6 million

Businesses visited;

  • Esco Elecmetal (mining equipment manufacturer)

  • Meeting with local Economist

  • Telefonica (local communications provider)

  • Arauco (forestry business)

  • Community service day at local women’s shelter

  • Kross Brewery (craft beer)

  • Valparaiso (coastal city) and Vineyard Veramonte (Import/export)

Buenos Aires, Argentina | 8 days | Population: 16 million

Businesses & establishments visited:

  • Agencia Nacional global trade (local chamber of commerce)

  • LosGrobo (agriculture industry)

  • Establecimientos Romet (auto parts manufacturing)

  • Buenos Aires stock exchange & conversation with Argentine Central Bank representatives.

  • Argentine Economists

  • Central Puerto (Power Utility)

  • Nike South American Regional Director (covers all of SA except Brazil)

Trip value was tremendous in developing and balancing perspectives from business and governments. Comparing both countries at which what they have and have not been successful and how to evolve moving forward in a healthy balanced manner.

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